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choosing-hardware-1Kitchen and Bath hardware is the jewelry of a great kitchen or bath design!  The style and finish of the cabinet knob or cabinet handle are what can turn a great design into an amazing kitchen or bath design.  If the cabinet hardware selected does not enhance the style of your design, it can become disconnected with the overall design elements in your space.  Kitchen and bath cabinet hardware can make a statement and impact the entire design so the importance of this selection should not be overlooked. Selecting the right hardware should be a reflection of the style you have chosen for your kitchen or bath remodel.

When you purchase new kitchen or bath cabinetry, your cabinets rarely come with cabinet knobs or cabinet handles. It is a big decision left to you to choose a style and finish that works with your space.

How do you choose the right hardware? You should first determine your budget for your cabinetry hardware. Cabinet hardware pricing can swing greatly in both directions depending on the quality, style and finish.  Defining your budget will help narrow down your selections and greatly assist in choosing cabinet hardware.

It’s important to consider the other finishes in the space when deciding which cabinet hardware will be the best solution for your project.  Select a finish for your cabinet knobs or cabinet pulls that will complement the other finishes in your space.  There’s no need to match every finish, you can mix chrome with brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze with brass, just be sure the finishes will complement each other.

Next, choose a shape that works with your decor. You can select a more traditional rounded knob that is a safe bet and will work well in most spaces.  Or you can gravitate towards a more decorative line that gives another visual interest and dimension to the design.

choosing-hardware-2Selecting the right hardware is not an exact science – it is a matter of budget, style and personal preference. Our Design Team at B&T Kitchens and Baths will assist you with making the best decision for your design and keeping within your budget. 

Visit our Virginia Beach Showroom to see our cabinet hardware displays in person to help you make a well informed decision when selecting the right cabinet hardware.